Weekly Video #19

This is the film of Rigoletto that stars Pavarotti, Gruberova and Ingvar Wixell. I know I have recently featured another Rigoletto film on this blog, but I still think this deserves a mention because it is really very good. The other reason that I have chosen this film is because of a certain scene, namely the bit that starts around 1:36:20, with Sparafucile and Maddalena. I love this scene, it’s very dramatic and the music is very striking and, in this case, so is the acting. However, having watched this part several times, I have only just found out that Sparafucile in this film is played by Ferruccio Furlanetto. I am shocked. Like literally, actually SHOCKED. Shocked as in ” How did I not notice that before?” and “OMG, he looks like a totally different person!”

This cat appears to have the same emotions as my brain at this particular moment.

In case the reader does not know, this is what Furlanetto normally looks like nowadays:

Photo from Die Oper Kocht Facebook page.

And here is the video:


Big Post of the News of the Week

Even as I type this post, the Echo Klassik Awards are underway in the Konzerthaus Berlin. The hosts this year are Nina Eichinger and Rolando Villazon. There will be performances by Alison Balsom, the Leipziger Streichquartett, Khatia Buniatishvili, David Garrett, Philippe Jaroussky, Anna Prohaska, Erwin Schrott and Klaus Florian Vogt. Other winners (the Meistersingers of Berlin!) include Jonas Kaufmann (19th Century Opera Recording of the Year) for his recording of Fidelio conducted by Claudio Abbadio, Renee Fleming (Female Singer of the Year) for her album Poèmes, Riccardo Chailly (Conductor of the Year) and Daniel Barenboim (Lifetime Achievement Award).  For a full list of the prizewinners and a fun interactive piano, go here.

Dolce Suono is delighted to reveal that Diana Damrau has had another baby. According to unknown sources, it is another boy who is called Colyn. Anyway, a huge congratulations to Diana and her family (the first picture is of her with her son Alexander and the one below that is Alexander with Rolando Villazon)!

Pavarotti’s 77th birthday was on the 12th, two days after Verdi’s 199th (Dolce Suono regrets that she was unfortunately unable to post on the day itself). So, because on the 10th, you were overloaded with Verdi, here is some refreshment in the form of Pavarotti singing one of DS’ favourite arias from one of her favourite operas by one of her favourite composers! A fitting celebration!

And, one last personal note: If you have any thoughts on my posts, please comment and tell me! I would love to hear feedback from any of you who read this blog! Thank you and keep on reading and enjoying opera!

Weekly Video #5

As promised last week, this week’s video is a more cheerful clip which will hopefully lighten your spirits in preparation for whatever horrors Monday may hold for you. Here is the great Pavarotti singing Rossini’s La Danza from the Lincoln Centre in 1988 with Maestro James Levine at the piano.

The lyrics:

: Già la luna è in mezzo al mare,
mamma mia, si salterà!
L’ora è bella per danzare,
chi è in amor non mancherà. 😐
Già la luna è in mezzo al mare,
mamma mia, si salterà!

Presto in danza a tondo, a tondo,
donne mie venite qua,
un garzon bello e giocondo
a ciascuna toccherà,
finchè in ciel brilla una stella
e la luna splenderà.
Il più bel con la più bella
tutta notte danzerà.

Mamma mia, mamma mia,
già la luna è in mezzo al mare,
mamma mia, mamma mia,
mamma mia, si salterà.
|: Frinche, frinche, frinche,
frinche, frinche, frinche,
mamma mia, si salterà. 😐

La la ra la ra
la ra la la ra la
(repeated twice)
la la ra la ra
la la la la ra la!

|: Salta, salta, gira, gira,
ogni coppia a cerchio va,
già s’avanza, si ritira
e all’assalto tornerà. 😐
Già s’avanza, si ritira
e all’assalto tornerà!

Sera, sera, colla bionda,
colla bruna và quà e là
colla rossa và a seconda,
colla smorta fermo sta.
Viva il ballo a tondo a tondo,
sono un Re, sono un Pascià,
è il più bel piacer del mondo
la più cara voluttà.